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I am a brand manufacturer and I am being asked to purchase PANTONE SMART Swatch Cards and spectral data. How do I do this? 9/16/2015  
How can I obtain a PANTONE guide for our design library, at my interior design firm? 4/21/2015  
How can I purchase a replacement page from PANTONE FASHON HOME + INTERIORS Color Specifier (TPX colors)? 3/19/2015  
How can I match the Pantone Color of the Year in paint? 2/20/2015  
What do the TC/TCX and TP/TPX suffixes mean? 9/17/2012  
When is the PANTONE Color of the Year announced? 9/14/2012  
How can I get fabric dyed to a custom color? 5/16/2012  
What is the difference between PANTONE TEXTILE Color System and PANTONE FASHION + HOME? 3/2/2012  
How can I get a sample of the PANTONE Color of the Year? 12/28/2010  
How can I obtain QTX files for PANTONE FASHION + HOME colors? 5/13/2009  
How do the spectral data QTX files help? 8/21/2007  
Does the SMART Swatc h packaging contain BHT? 8/21/2007  
How are the PANTONE SMART colors made so relevant to my business? 8/21/2007  
Can PANTONE SMART Swatches be matched under different lighting conditions? 8/21/2007  
How can I get assistance from Clariant with SMART formuations? 8/21/2007  
How is consistency of PANTONE SMART Swatch Cards maintained? 8/21/2007  
How were the SMART Swatch Cards developed? 8/21/2007  
What is the SMART Partnership? 8/21/2007  
What is the useful life of a PANTONE SMART Swatch Card? 8/21/2007  
Why are the SMART swatches packaged in plastic? 8/21/2007  

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