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How can I find a PANTONE match to a color from RAL, British Standard, HKS, NCS, etc? 9/2/2015  
I ordered products on How can I get a copy of an invoice? 4/21/2015  
How can I order from Pantone? 9/17/2012  
How can I specify white for printing purposes? 5/24/2012  
How are the PANTONE guides printed? 5/24/2012  
How long has Pantone been in business? 5/17/2012  
How can I return a PANTONE product? 5/16/2012  
Why has Pantone removed the “edition” notation in the copy pages? 12/7/2009  
How do I update the e-mail address in a myPANTONE account? 2/17/2009  
Does Pantone define a tolerance for reproduction of PANTONE colors? 12/30/2008  
How can I match PANTONE colors in industrial coatings? 8/21/2007  
What is the difference between ICC and ICM? 8/21/2007  
What is the 'trademark warning' brochure packaged with my product referring to? 8/21/2007  
Are there any PANTONE colors that have been discontinued? 8/21/2007  
How can I find L*a*b* values for PANTONE Colors? 8/21/2007  

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