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Pantone Studio Mobile App Privacy Statement 8/1/2016  
Terms for Application Use X-Rite Pantone Studio Mobile Application 8/1/2016  
How can I get an update for PANTONE Color Manager for the 210 new PANTONE FASHION HOME + INTERIORS Cotton colors? 9/14/2015  
I am trying to activate PANTONE Color Manager and I am getting an 'unknown activation error'. What does this mean and how can I correct this? 9/14/2015  
I have installed and activated PANTONE Color Manager, but I am getting a message that 'the display needs to be profiled'. There is a link to the X-Rite Web site but it doesn't lead anywhere. What is going on here? 6/17/2015  
I recently downloaded the myPANTONE for iPhone app version 2.4.0. Since this download I can no longer load images and extract PANTONE colors. How can I correct this? 5/12/2015  
I am trying to register my PANTONE product and receive a message that the 'serial number cannot be found in the database'. How can I get my product registered, and obtain the PANTONE Color Manager software? 4/30/2015  
I am trying to export libraries from PANTONE Color Manager. However, when I open the library, and go to File/Export/Adobe Illustrator the PANTONE option is grayed out, and I can only choose L*a*b* or sRGB. How can I export PANTONE? 3/19/2015  
How can I output the full PANTONE library on a PDF 3/18/2015  
In PANTONE Color Manager, under File/Export, PANTONE is grayed out and I can only choose L*a*b* or sRGB. Why? 3/18/2015  
I have PANTONE Color Manager installed. I have been prompted to install an update to X-Rite Device Services (XRD); however, when I click to install I am getting an error that the update 'is not properly signed'. How do I fix this? 3/18/2015  
How can I export the 336 new PANTONE colors to Adobe and other applications from PANTONE Color Manager? 2/20/2015  
PANTONE Color Manager will not activate on my Mac. I enter the serial number and click 'Activate' and the wheel spins incessintly but the activation does not complete. OR I enter the serial number and click 'Activate' and the software reverts to the 'not activated' screen. How can I fix this? 2/20/2015  
I exported libraries from PANTONE Color Manager for my Adobe applications, but I cannot ‘find’ a color. Why? 12/3/2014  
Why am I getting an “Invalid Serial Number” message when trying to activate PANTONE Color Manager? 12/3/2014  
How do I activate PANTONE Color Manager in 'trial mode'? 12/3/2014  
Why am I getting an export failed or Application Not Installed error when exporting libraries to Adobe products? Or, why can't I find my PANTONE library after a 'successful' export? 12/3/2014  
How can I export PANTONE libraries to my OfficeMac applications? 12/3/2014  
Why are some of my PANTONE Libraries marked as 'obsolete' and why can't I delete them? 12/3/2014  
How can I share PANTONE Color Manager Libraries with Others? 12/3/2014  
What does it mean when I receive an “Unhandled Exception” error message in PANTONE Color Manager for Windows? 12/3/2014  
How can I Move my PANTONE Color Manager License to a Different Computer? 12/3/2014  
In PANTONE Color Manager, What does it Mean When I Get a Message that Access to a Fan Deck has Expired? 12/2/2014  
How do I export PANTONE Libraries from PANTONE Color Manager? 12/2/2014  
What is the purpose of PANTONE Color Manager software? 9/21/2012  
How can I export libraries for CorelDRAW from PANTONE Color Manager? 9/21/2012  
I have the myPANTONE mobile app and I am changing phones. Will I have to purchase the app again? 5/17/2012  
How can I profile my iPhone screen using PANTONE Color Manager and myPANTONE? 7/14/2011  
I received an e-mail from the myPANTONE app with a .ase file attachment. How do I use this? 10/6/2009  
How can I output accurate PANTONE colors on my desktop or wide-format device? 4/29/2009  
How do I set RGB space in Adobe Photoshop to optimize PANTONE colors? 8/21/2007  

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