David Hart - Marsala, Oak Buff, Stormy Weather - Fall 2015 Pantone Fashion Color Report


David Hart
David Hart
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Prominent Colors

Dusty warm colors inspired by the American Southwest. Important colors include Cayenne Red, Deep Turquoise, Desert Gold, Sandy Brown and Antique Cream.


The natural landscape of the American Southwest and spaghetti western films of the late '60s and '70s; the colors are muted as they would have been seen on a movie screen during that era.

Signature Colors

Cayenne Red is the most important color this season. It runs across everything from prints to solids and is incorporated into the knitwear as well.

Must-have Item For Fall 2015

Our mohair suit. It’s made of English mohair; the warp is Cayenne Red and the weft is Deep Turquoise so it has an amazing iridescent sheen.

What is your design philosophy when it comes to color classics and/or color chaos?

I always love mixing and matching colors and patterns. In menswear I’m definitely not shy.

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DAVID HART's Workspace

Connect With David Hart

Visit www.davidhartnyc.com
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