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Charles Youssef
Charles Youssef
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Prominent Colors

Deep, vibrant Midnight Navy mixed with Black. This is accented by playful touches of Sunbeam Yellow, Ferrari Red and a rich Sapphire Blue.


Deep Blue, Black and Yellow in Van Gogh’s nighttime café paintings of the South of France, which is where I lived after leaving wartime Beirut in the early ‘80s. These paintings also remind me of the romanticism of twinkling lights in nighttime New York and Paris, which I find incredibly charming. There are brilliant color similarities between these paintings and the fluorescent installations of David Batchelor and Dan Flavin. I’ve designed a geometric dress with built-in fluorescent lighting as an homage to these artists. The LED lights in this dress cast a warm Sunny Yellow, Red and Bright Blue glow against a glossy Black fabric.

Signature Colors

Deep, vibrant Midnight Navy. But I’m more excited about my favorite accent color, which is a bold, lustful Candy Apple Red. I love this Red pop color because it brings a rich, satisfying warmth during the Fall, and encourages strength and bold behavior in women, while making men physically hungry. It’s appealing to both men and women, and flattering against nearly all skin tones. It’s also a striking color for lips in the cold, brutal winter, which is how we’re styling the presentation this season. A Matte Red works really well in clothing, whereas small elegant touches of Glossy Red accents speak to a glamour and luxury that many fashion houses have made a signature.

Must-have Item For Fall 2015

The bold, folded-front Rhia dress in Red.

What is your design philosophy when it comes to color classics and/or color chaos?

My design philosophy is about maintaining a sense of balance. I think colors are special and make a statement. They should stand out against a muted foundation of blush and neutrals.

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